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ultra collapsible softbox

The NEW FourSquare is here! Order yours today!

The FourSquare is geared toward location and studio photographers who shoot with speedlights. (a.k.a Strobists)

The FourSquare is made of rugged T6061 hard anodized aluminum. Its use can be with any combination up to four speedlights mounted as one.

FourSquares are sold as a complete kit including the mount and softbox. The softbox is designed with a totally new fabric and packs down to just 18". Just the size to carry on the plane and make the location kit "light"!

New Foursquare handle is here!

Please check back often! We've got a variety of accessories coming for the FourSquare, as well as some great deals on Lightware gear.

*Stand and Flashes not included

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