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Steve Thornton

"With the FourSquare in my kit, I know I can light it..."

The entire FourSquare line is simply a wonderful set of tools. They will all fit into an airplane “roll on bag”, or on top of your large camera bag. My primary FourSquare is a 30” x 30” “Travel” softbox that rolls up into a 18” long bag that is about 4” in diameter. As a photographer that travels on average 175 days a year, mostly by plane, I use 3 facts to decide if I really want any given product:

  1. The single most important question is: Will it work?

    This means do I think it will perform the job I want, will it hold up to a busy commercial advertising photographer using it day in and day out? Does it really fit my work? Or will it allow me to substantially improve my photography or considerably speed up the process or will it make any given setup easier etc. Will it appreciably add to what I am using now?

    Only if the answer to question number one is yes, will I move to questions #2 & #3.

  2. How big is it?

    The cases I use are frequently the largest the airlines will allow.

  3. How much does it weigh?

    To be clear, if it is big, heavy but wonderful, I still will buy it, like a Canon 200mm f1.8 or the f2 lenses. They are big, they are heavy but they will allow me to get photographs that other slower 200mm lenses just can't do. So I own one and always travel with it. But the moment someone has a smaller and lighter lens that can do the same thing, or better, I'll buy it.

For me, the entire FourSquare line fits all three of my requirements for photographically desirable equipment... and I currently own several of them and will add more. The ability to have a 30” square softbox that can be carried on board a plane, or easily fit into a piece of checked luggage is wonderful. The FourSquare line is designed around you using a speedlight, something a lot of photographers already have. To me this is just brilliant.

If you do decide to buy a 30x30, I can also suggest you should get a 40º grid also. The amount of light control you get with this one simple addition will astound you. It astounded me, and I always have both of these light control tools on all of my projects.

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