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FireFly Lantern Kit


New to the FourSquare family is the FourSquare FireFly Lantern. The Firefly creates a beautiful, soft omindirectional 20x20 light source. Use it to light a room, a backdrop, a fashion shoot or just about anything. The beauty is that the light source is not directional. Set up a FireFly in two or three corners of a wedding reception dance floor and have a great exposure anywhere on the dance floor. It is an awesome general lighting source for a room or an area that is difficult to get light into.

Just like the FourSquare 30", it is ideal for airline travel with it's compact size and light weight. It breaks down to a compact 18 inches long and packs neatly in its own carrying pouch. Fits perfectly in a carry on. A radio receiver can be easily mounted to the outside of the box by means of a hook and loop patch or add a MiniMount and mount your Radio Popper inside the bank.

The FourSquare FireFly is sold as a kit which includes the FourSquare Block which is made of rugged T6061 hard anodized aluminum. Use it to mount any combination of up to four speed-lights. Rotate the heads, bounce the heads or use them as direct to create the desired lighting effect.

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