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Zoot Snoot Set


To use the Zoot Snoot just stretch it snugly over your flash head. You don’t need fasteners or adapters because it has a built-in grip strip that helps keep the snoot in place.

Once it’s attached to your flash just roll back the end of the snoot to create a wider beam, roll it forward to narrow the beam.

You can also control the light fall off with the Zoot Snoot. Leave the white to the inside and create a softer light. Turn your Zoot Snoot inside out (black to the inside) so there is less fall off and create concentrated beam.

The Zoot Snoot is made of Neoprene and will form creases when folded or compressed for long periods. This does not affect the utility of your snoot. However, if you wish to avoid creasing, we recommend using the buttonholes and supplied carabineers and attach it to your bag or light stand between assignments.

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