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Lighttools 30x30/40° Grid


From Academy Award winning films to National Geographic specials, leading cinematographers, photographers and videographers use Lighttools® Soft Egg Crates® to get the best light - the greatest range and control in variations of light - previously available only from nature itself.

Lighttools® Soft Egg Crate® grids are made up of cells that control off axis light in four directions while maintaining the soft quality inherent in a large light source. A secondary effect of Soft Egg Crates® on a large light source is that the near to far light variation is reduced (relative to the cell size used): as the subject moves closer to the light source, reduced amounts of light reach the subject due to the occluded angle of the cells. The design has been copied but there is no match for the fantastic range or impeccable quality.

The collapsible, lightweight Soft Egg Crates® grids are manufactured in North America by skilled technicians in an ISO certified facility out of a superior-quality, flame-retardant fabric that is exclusive to Lighttools®. Lighttools® patented fabric design offers light weight, durable and collapsible Soft Egg Crates® supported by up to six years of warranty and continues to light the way.

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