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FourSquare Handle Assembly


The new FourSquare Handle Assembly attaches directly to the FourSquare block and allows ultimate freedom in positioning the FourSquare to your subject. Four Speedlights can be mounted to the block and easily handheld to follow the action by your "VALS" (Voice Activated Light Stand), aka your assistant. Most of the major brands of Speedlights have been found to fit in this configuration with the handle.

Better yet, the bottom of both the handle stem and the padded grip handle have a standard 3/8-16 thread for easy mounting to a tripod, ball head, light stand or boom pole with a 3/8-16 thread mount. With the boom pole, you can use your "VALS" or a regular light stand as a "Boom". We really like using a ball head because it gives a great deal of articulation in moving the FourSquare light source. Some folks have attached the FourSquare handle to a ball head and then mounted that to a painter's extension pole to achieve "Boom" happiness.

The FourSquare handle does not interfere with the addition of most radio remotes, however, if you have four Radio Poppers® mounted on their plastic side mounts you will need the Popper Pak to use all four Speedlights. Otherwise, three Radio Poppers® will work fine with the standard handle assembly.

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